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Craftsman Club

Sear's Craftsman Tool Club with special tool sales and benefits for members. A great deal for the tool enthusiast.

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Tool Tips

Always clean your hand tools before putitng them back in your tool box. Slightly wet tools can rust quickly.

Craftsman Tool Club

The Craftsman Tool Club membership card is a must have for anyone from tool enthusiast to home owner. The Craftsman club fliers come out at random intervals but offer limited discounts to anyone who is a member of the club. The discounts are sometimes exclusive to the tool club but are also sometimes deeper discounts on a current sale price on a Craftsman tool (Sears tool brand).

Join the Craftsman Club to for discounts, coupons, and special members only sales

Discounts and Sales

Club discounts range from a few dollars on smaller hand tools to over a hundred on more expensive items like lawn tractors. The often feature staples like screwdrivers, sockets, and other types of wrenches. Tool boxes and tool organization supplies are also frequently on sale in the Craftsman Tool Club flyers.

How to Join

Most Sears and Sears Hardware stores have applications to join the
Craftsman Club. It took me a few months to get my card but I know others who have had quicker turn around time. You can download a rough scan of the Craftsman Club membership application. The online links on Sears website don't seem to work but I also hear there is an 800 number around. We'll try and post it to the site.

How to get the Discount Sale Price

Once you are a member of the Craftsman tool club, you simply present your card to the cashier when checking out. Make sure the sale price rings up. I have had several newer cashiers mistake the tool club membership card for a credit card or not correctly ring up the discount. Now granted, the only discount you can still recieve through the Craftsman Club is the prices listed in the flyers. I am told that there used to be a overall 10% discount on your purchase for Craftsman club members but Sears has discontinued this offer.