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Craftsman Club

Sear's Craftsman Tool Club with special tool sales and benefits for members. A great deal for the tool enthusiast.

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Always clean your hand tools before putitng them back in your tool box. Slightly wet tools can rust quickly.

Popular Tool Brands Like Craftsman, Snap On and Matco

Most tool lover's will tell you what their favorite brand if it's not already advertising it in some obvious way. The hand tool world has the more popular brands like Matco, Craftsman, Snap-On, and Stanley. I tend to prefer Craftsman hand tools. Craftsman tools tend to have a style and design that fits both my hand and my thinking. Their tools are attractive looking and tend to be quite durable. Other guys will prefer Snap-On tools or Matco. It's a matter of preference really as any of these brands offers well made tools.

Pick a quality tool brand that works well for you

Some tools brand really does matter. For instance, many hand tools that are "off brand" just don't take abuse like their name brand counter parts. It can have to do with the construction, materials used to make the tool, or how the steel was hardened. For tools that tend to be used a lot and used hard, look for brand name. Hand tools such as pliers, screw drivers, and sockets are examples of tools that should be bought brand name at least for the sizes used often.

Many of the hand tool companies like Craftsman offer lifetime guaranties with their hand tools. Noting says we stand behind out tools like carrying a twisted off socket into and Sears or Craftsman tool store and having them hand you a brand new one. Snap-On and Matco are often distributed by independent dealers and are marketed to mechanics, machinery shops and other industrial applications. Their brand name rides on the quality of their tools.

Power tools can be even more sensitive to brand. Most power tools have far more moving parts than hand tools and quality really shows. Again, I like many of the Craftsman power tool models available. Other reliable brands include Dewalt, Porter Cable, Makita and Black and Decker.

While I would love to have a tool box full of brand name tools, I simply cannot afford the higher price tags that goes with the brand name power tools. Tools that are used less frequently or less strenuous uses can be purchased from off brand manufacturers with great results. Not every wrench in tool box is a name brand product. The ones I own are from smaller companies that offer high quality products for a fraction of the price. Remember to look for good construction in areas like the handles and hardness of the metal.

Some off brand power tools can also be a great buy. Make sure you buy from a knowledgeable dealer that has a great assortment and allows you to handle to tools out of the package. A great place to look is Harbor Freight Tools. I have been known to spend hours in tool or home improvement tool stores and Harbor Freight is one of my favorites. Harbor Freight Tools carries a wide range of tool and tool storage products from both large and small hand tool brands. Their prices are also a great deal.