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Always clean your hand tools before putitng them back in your tool box. Slightly wet tools can rust quickly.

Quality Hand Tool Grips for Safety and Comfort

One of the most important part of a tool is that part you hold - the grip or handle. This functional part of the tool often determines the safety, precision, effectiveness of how the hand tool is used.

Handles and Grips for Woodworking tools are very important.


Many wood working tools like chisels come with wood handles. It's important that these handles are made from a strong smooth wood like oak and area properly shaped and finished to offer a secure grip. Not only does this promote precision but safety for the user. The metal "tang" of the tool should extend all the way through the wood hand tool and be capped at the top.


Rubber offers a comfortable grip that gives a little with pressure easing tension on your hand and minimizing vibrations from the tool. It can also help you get a better grip when using a lot of force. Rubber is sometimes just a covering from another surface. If this bond fails, the covering can peel and leave the tool virtually useless. A rubber gripped hand tool can also be hard to deal with if any oil gets on the handle.


Hard and Durable for hand and power tools. I am a big fan of hard plastic handled screw drivers. Be very careful to select a well made tool and inspect the tang as it is molded into the plastic. I have had handles of cheap screw drivers come apart in my hand in jagged pieces. Craftsman makes an excellent hard plastic handle on many of their Craftsman hand tools A good strong handle is important for working around machinery.