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Always clean your hand tools before putitng them back in your tool box. Slightly wet tools can rust quickly.

Selecting and Installing Rain Gutters

What gutter system is right for you?

When deciding on rain gutters for your home there are many things to consider including:

Installing gutters and tools needed

To do the job yourself, you most likely only need a tape measure hammer, tin snips, drill(preferably cordless), zip screws for spouting and some gutter guards, end cap crimpers(unless the gutter provider puts the end caps on for you) and some common sense. Remember to measure correctly SEVERAL TIMES !! Allow your rain gutters to hang past the end of your roof by a half inch or so. When spiking your gutters, be sure to hit some rafters as this will improve durability and strength. Pick up some gutter sealant to apply to end caps and outlet insertions for your downspout.

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